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Product Description

    YHZS series mobile concrete mixing station is a new mobile concrete my company to design the mixing station, mobile type at present domestic ideal mixing machine,modular design, compact and reasonable structure, completed a large part of function of mixing station in a trailer chassis; set aggregate, electronic weighing, ascension, stirringas one, a walk, a stop on the use, convenient moving, easy installation, is applicable to all kinds of pavement, bridge, dam, airport and other mobile site and building constructionproduction base.


Product Features

Excellent mixing performance
    JS/JN series mixer, mixing with the shortest time to achieve uniform mixing, efciency based on forced stirring,applicable to a variety of production process, with different scraper, which has very high efciency stirring stirring, stirring cylinder made of special wear resistant materials made of interchangeable stirring lining plate completely covered, all the blade according to its particular location and setting, to optimize the material ow and reduce the material and mixing blade surface wear, scraper, stirring blades and the shaft is a uid design. For dry, semi dry, plastic and various ratio of concrete can accomplish good mixing.
The operation simple and clear
    The machine adopts computer control, can automatic and manual operation, simple operation, easy to master.Dynamic panel display, clearly understand the operation of each component, also can store, print statements.
Accurate measurement and stable
    Whether measuring aggregate, powder or agent, measurement and control elements are imported components,imports of industrial control computer, over 120 times / second sampling speed, fully ensure accurate measurement and stable working performance.

High reliability
    The weighing system adopts computer weighing instrument imported, the sampling rate is as high as 120 times per second, and has the function of automatic compensation. Aggregate, cement, water and additive respectively by weighing instrument to control their own, accurate measurement, reliable; using PLC programmable control, realize the mixing station automatic metering, conveying, lifting, mixing, such as the unloading function, automatic operation, can also work operation, easy to operate freely. There are also industrial computer control system for the purchase
    The main electric components of the control system are imported components, greatly reduce the equipment failure rate.
Convenient, rapid transit
    The whole structure is trailing design, conveyor, mixing console, each weighing system, screw conveyor and a powder bin for the whole structure.. When departure, disassembly, quick installation, convenient transportation, convenient.
The excellent environmental performance
    All powdery materials, from ingredients, metering, charging, mixing material are carried out in a closed state. Greatly reduce the inuence of dust, vibration and noise to the environment.





Product Specifications


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