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Product Description

Structure form
Stand by the aggregate material in two kinds of structure forms of he pioneer of small full set of concrete mixing station: Formtrough belt machineTbucket elevator form.

Groove form belt machine features
Continuous conveying speed, strong conveying capacity
High safety performance
he energy consumption is relatively low




Lifting bucket form characteristics
Small footprint devices
Simple structure and easy maintenance
he cost is relatively low





Product Features

Structural characteristicsµă
    The mixing tower adopts modular design, divided into three modules: mixing system, mixing layer leg, measurement system, and other accessories. Each module on the water (containing additives) road, gas path, all in the factory assembly line delivery, so the module is only the bolts can be hoisted into place.
    The measurement system has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful arrangement, all water (containing additives) road, gas path, all in the factory assembly line delivery, and metrology support beam between the relatively independent, the measurement process is stable, high measurement precision.
    Trough belt machine 800 bandwidth, simple structure design, can the factory will be the most assembled shipment (gas path, line),the relationship between delivery cost and installation based on time, a detailed description of preferred way of delivery in a subsequent simulation installation video.
    Aggregate batching station has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, using the standard two stone sand,the sand warehouse layout of the screen, the maximum volume average aggregate bin 10 ³, each warehouse equipped with vibrating motor, and the gas line, all in a factory assembled delivery, the scene only the expansion can be used.
    3X2X2.47 the perfect space control room, air conditioner, wood flooring, high standard doors and windows to make operation more comfortable; large capacity by 6 cubic meters of additive tank.
    The main building outsourcing using C type steel skeleton, in the design on the top of the two triangular body welding parts, so the structure is more stable, four weeks respectively with two hinged mode, makes the installation more convenient!



Transportation and installation characteristics
    Small a full set of 60 rural station adopts modular design, each module between the water (containing additives) fast joint using road, gas path, line, use the quick connect can be joint after installation the module assembly.
    The overall advantages of small full set of 60 rural station lies in the whole station has the advantages of compact structure, complete function, the price is relatively low; and the biggest selling point is the 3 days the entire station installed (cement silo except), within 2 days of debugging can discharge. Station 5 days delivery!


Product Specifications

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