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Product Description

Sand gravel separation machine is a special device integrating cleaning concrete mixer, separating sand with gravel and recycling water into one. The recycled sand and gravel can be reused, so it reduces production cost. Meanwhile, it realized zero discharge of wastewater, so it protects environment and saves cost for sewage treatment.


Product Features

1.High Efficiency: One-time complete separation of sand and gravel; the recovery rate is up to 99%.

2.Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly: Low energy consumption; the car washing water can be recycled; the sewage realized zero emission.
3.Long Service Life: The wear parts are enhanced, resistant to wear and corrosion, which extended the machine's service life.
4.Personalized Design: Different models can be used to different mixers; at the same time, special design can be provided according to the topography of the production site and the number of car wash.


Product Specifications

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