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Product Description

Wet concrete recovery system for residual concrete reclaiming station and concrete transport truck, concrete pump truck and mixing console after cleaning the residual concrete reclaiming provide the ultimate solution for concrete mixing, not only can the sand completely separated, and the wastewater reuse in concrete production, to achieve zero discharge of wastewater, waste residue.


Product Features

    SHSXT40 type movable type wet concrete recycling system is mainly composed of feeding, washing buffer control system sand andstone separating system, hydraulic cyclone system, sewage treatment system, automatic control system of the five major system components.

    Strong separation ability of 30 ~ 40t/h, can clean the 2~4 car at the same time, can meet the needs of customers.Large volume recovery machine, capable of accommodating the washing water more. Cleaning the separated aggregate, than the raw materials but also clean.
Humanized design
    Various kinds of safety protection measures, the key part is provided with a sound, light, electric alarm and protection devices, and always will be the personal safety in the first place. Stirred tank cover used in galvanized steel lattice panels, equipped with night lighting halogen lamp, the details, the unique humanistic care.
Highly intelligent system
    PLC man-machine dialogue control, adjustable parameters, easy operation; the control panel is provided with indicator diagram flow of system, which can monitor equipment operation. Highly intelligent system, mixing car to the cleaning position, without manual operation, automatic operation of the whole system.


Product Specifications

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