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Product Description

      Bale opener is suitable for automatic bag unloading of bagged powder material and has been widely used in chemistry, petroleum industry, building materials, metallurgy, medicine, food, and environmentprotection. such as the automatic bag unloading of cement, grain, chemical fertilizer, sewage treatment of added material and match for other transportation equipment. It can completed broken bag unloading and transport storage package with high efficiency, good environmental protection performance, reliable performance and convenient maintenance etc.Widely used in packing powder bale process.

      High disassembling:Up to 99.5%
      Good sealing performance:Whole sealing, with dust removal device, cleaning and no pollution
      Easy maintenance:High speed steel blade, long service life, the transmission structure is designed in reasonable way with stable operation
      Reliable performance:Insert sheet design, quick change. The upper cover is connected with bolt clamping device, easy maintenance
      Complete varieties:Division I developed more than 10 kinds of bale products. According to the weight of the package are:10 per bag, 100 kg, 50, 1, 2, 3 tons; according to the packing efficiency are: 15,20, 30, 45 tons / hour


Product Features

      1. Staggered type blade group:The cutting part adopts 9 groups of interleaved parallel blade, high cutting efficiency, cutting completely, ensure the material is fully exposed
      2. Exquisite technology reduces attrition:Guide rail of the trammel screen and the circle run-out of the ring gear axis control the precision in a higher range. The roller rotates smoothly without beating machine, vibration or great noise. At the same time, the balanced stress to the gear improves the service life. The contact between the riding wheel and the rail is line contact, which guarantees that the stress is balanced andimproves the service life,makes the maintenance easy
      3. Spiral sieve tube system:Sieve cylinder helical blade with dial plate, rising resistance material barrel rotation process, bring the material to a certain height, ensure complete separation of material and bag
      4. Easy to replace blade structure:The design of the cutting bale makes it convenient for installation and replacement, the W18Cr4V high-speed steel,increases the service life to2-3 times compare with bales made from traditional materials
      5. Humanized design to improve the efficiency:Using the belt conveyor, which is continuable and reliable,greatly improves the efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the workers
      6. Sealing and environmental protection:Equipped with dust removal device, with the good sealing from machine itself , to ensure no dust leakage , effective lyprotect environment and working space
      7. Reasonable structural arrangement:Roller, the key part, is with compact structure, good sealing performance, and reliability. Through calculation, it increases the service life up to 30000 hours, over the usual bale life requirement

      1.Reasonable design can improve the efficiency and the rate of removing bag

      2.Can be equipped with conveyor equipment like bucket elevator, air feeder which will send materials to storage area, to meet the diverse needs of users

      3.The simple shape, beautiful appearance, reasonable size


Product Specifications

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