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Product Description

  Double helical ribbon agitator with its excellent, efficient mixing, production requirements to meet various ratio of coagulation.
  There are JS500, JS750,JS1000, JS1250, JS1500, JS2000 and other models, a single host computer can be composed of 50 ~ 120m³/h concrete mixing plant (floor).
  Applicable to the production of equipment for pavement, bridge, airport, urban construction and other kinds of ready mixed concrete mixer.
  Especially in high grade concrete mixing, and easy replacement product model is the best, the concrete mixing mainframe upgrades.


Product Features

  Mixing blade spiral belt is arranged, stirring more intense, more fully, can stir in a shorter time, which can improve the mixing efficiency of more than 25%,more than 10% of power.
  360 DEG omnibearing cleaning, the washing machine most adhesion mortar fell, greatly reduce the intensity of artificial cleaning, cleaning efficiency can reach 95%.
  For ordinary concrete, the double helical ribbon agitator in just 20 seconds can reach homogeneous mixing; for high performance concrete, it only takes 40 seconds to homogeneous mixing.
  High speed double helical ribbon agitator of the complicated mixing process of high strength, high fluidity concrete, high-speed stirring ability has theabsolute advantage.


Product Specifications

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