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Product Description

    JN series vertical shaft planetary type concrete mixer is suitable not only for ordinary commodity concrete, precast concrete mixing, and solves the problems of all kinds of highperformance concrete mixing problem, also is the best choice for block and prefabricated parts industry.
    High speed double helical ribbon agitator of the complicated mixing process of high strength, high fluidity concrete, high-speed stirring ability has the absolute advantage.


Product Features

    Planetary stirring mode suitable for high purity of concrete mixing, can cause the material to bemixed more evenly;
    It is the best choice for block and prefabricated parts industry;
    Adopts hydraulic mode / manual double mode switch discharge door, to do more to stay;
    Economic and durable, convenient maintenance;
    Compared with the same volume, twin shaft mixer on low height, easy mixing station layoutplanning;

      Driving device adopts Hardened reducer transmission. Elastic coupling or hydraulic coupler is arranged between the motor and the speed reducer (optional, even at full load condition can ensure the normal start). Dynamic reducer cause stirring arm can do rotation and revolution, is a revolution of scraper arm. The mixing motor has revolution and rotation, mixing complex trajectories, stirring movement is intense, high efficiency, uniform mixing quality.




The access door
      The company according to the different needs of customers, the access door number up to three, maintenance access door can be opened entirely, convenient repair work, and the design of seal structure of specialized, the environmental performance of the equipment.







Hydraulic pump station
      Hydraulic pump station is designed, which can meet the mixer configuration of multiple discharge requirements, and manual unloading function, emergency situations can be opened manually unloading at.








Unloading device
    The company according to the different requirements of customers, can adopt pneumatic, hydraulic and other mode switch discharge, discharge are the largest number can open three, and in the discharge are designed with a special sealing device, in order to ensure the reliable sealing, reliable control.







      Sprinkling tube mounted on specially designed, spray mist and cover a large area, make the material more uniform mixing.









Product Specifications

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