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Product Description

      The product has the advantages of compact structure, occupies the space than the traditional belt conveyor is small, can effectively controlthe dust flying, prevent the dust explosion, reducing the breakage. This series of products is the general product, which can be widely used inmetallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry, port, power, light industry, food and other industries. The machine can be a singleconveyor, also can be the combination of multiple machines. Transport density of 0.5-1.2T/m³ for various dry bulk material and granular material.


Product Features

Double cone roller as the carrying idler, return belt with micro compression chamber bearing. Has the following advantages:

1.  The dust seal and dust explosion.
    a. Firstly, the machine all drum, roller, belt are arranged in the cavity is completely enclosed within the.
    b. Bearing the, this machine is all exterior, effectively preventing the bearing temperature rise caused by dust combustion hazard, convenient maintenance, repair and replacement.
    c. Appropriate adjustment for long hole with a sealing device, the upper, lower roller can be arranged on a shell side.










2.  Dustproof and rainproof design, reliable product performance, long service life.
3.  With full load start capability.
4.  as an alternative to buried scraper, the use of the machine for material crushing effect significantly reduced, equipped with a back to cast type intermediate unloading section can replace the top of silo buried scraper.








5.  Feed, feed outlet with wear resistant lining board, effectively prolongs its service life.
6.  Top and bottom with a magnetic strip conveyor maintenance observation door, convenient opening, convenient repair; a plurality of observation door, easy to understand the machine internal conditions.









7.  Can provide a belt of different widths and different running speed.
8.  Can be reasonably selection according to user requirements (based on yield, length)












Product Specifications

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